I have a pleasant feeling that Lacock is rather like a tree which will go on growing, even if most of the people that sat under its shade have moved into another world.

Matilda Talbot

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Welcome to Lacock, one of England’s oldest villages, where the past and the present embrace each other to create a truly memorable place to visit.
Nine hundred years ago, the Countess of Salisbury founded Lacock Abbey, the focal point of the area, from which the village you see today sprang into life.
The early-middle ages saw Lacock as a flourishing woollen mill village; its proximity to the London and Bath road ensured it retained influence and commerce. Over time, it gave way to larger towns but the village remained intact with its myriad of architectural styles. Stone houses and timber-framed houses stand side by side. Memories of the woollen trade are visible all around ; The Tithe barn being a great example.
In 1944, Matilda Talbot bequeathed the Lacock Estate of the Abbey and houses to the National Trust who now owns them and is responsible for their ongoing upkeep.

It is little wonder that visiting Lacock makes you feel as if you are taking a trip back through time. Being perfectly preserved, the village is a beacon for film-production companies. Over the years, Lacock has played host to a number of well-known TV shows and movies – Harry Potter, Cranford, Downton Abbey and the upcoming HBO presentation of William Shakespeare to name but a few.

The aim of this website is to help you understand what makes Lacock so special, show you some fabulous places to stay, to highlight the unique shopping, to give you ideas for things to do and to suggest some great places to eat and drink. The events calendar will show you what’s on and happening in Lacock village so do check back from time to time as it will be continually updated.

Lacock receives over 500,000 visitors every year so whether you’re a tourist, casual visitor or live locally it’s hoped this guide will have something for everyone.
Come and see what makes Lacock so special.